In the Sprit of Community

On Saturday, June 26, with her car loaded with plants, local artist Elizabeth Scorsello set out to develop phase two of her landscape project at the Lincoln Commons sitting area.

Elizabeth started the initial project last May with the cooperation and support of Ward 7 Councillor Neal Anderson and the Oak Grove Improvement Association (OGIA). OGIA is an all volunteer, non-profit group dedicated to promoting and supporting community projects throughout the City. This year with their continued collective support, Elizabeth and members of OGIA set out to concentrate on the seating area for the resident’s visual enjoyment.

With hours of work into the project, plants ready to be placed in the ground and temperatures soaring, and no easy access to water, Kinda Singh, new proprietor of the corner store Il Tizio Pizza, stepped up to help the group.  Kinda graciously offered to supply the much needed water for the planting bed. He continually filled the watering cans at his store as local children held the door so he could pass through, bringing them across the street to a very welcoming project site!

As the group was winding down doing the final clean-up, Kinda motioned to everyone to come to over to his store as he so generously treated a very hungry group to pizza! As we ate our pizza we were able to view several people who were already gathering around relaxing and enjoying the garden!

Press Release for the Malden Observer and the Advocate