Oak Grove Improvement Association
& Boy Scout Troop #603

Liberty Tree Memorial to be dedicated on June 21st
at the Oak Grove Community Building

When a special American Liberty Elm puts down roots in Malden on June 21, 2008 it will be much more than a tree. It will be a Liberty Tree Memorial, a living growing tribute to our country's freedom and founding.

The Oak Grove Community Building Liberty Tree Memorial was made possible by Elm Research Institute of Keene, NH. This is a community service project of Oak Grove Improvement Association with the assistance of Boy Scout Troop #603.

A grant was awarded the Boy Scout Troop #603 through the efforts of Oak Grove Improvement Association. The troop will receive a 14 to 19 foot tall ceremonial disease-resistant American Liberty Elm, and a bronze plaque with an inscription that recounts the history of Boston's Liberty Tree —an American elm that was the rallying place for the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution— that will be placed at the Oak Grove Community Building. The Oak Grove Improvement Association is coordinating the event. This is the finishing touch to their landscaping project at the Oak Grove Community Building. The tree will be dedicated to Virginia Greenleaf, a forty year member of the Oak Grove Improvement Association. The public is invited to attend.

Where: Oak Grove Community Building
When: Saturday, June 21, 2008
Time: 11:30 am
Contact: Carol Melle 781-321-6504

The Liberty Tree Memorial Plaque